Thursday, November 6, 2014

First batch of Zentradi Regults: Painting Tutorial

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PythNutD here with another Robotech RPG Tactics Painting Tutorial. Taking a brake from the UEDF Mecha to start painting the Zentradi hordes. Now My goal with this paint job was to find a medium between the simple paint job I used on my Destroids and the highly detailed, yet time consuming paint job that I use don my Rick Hunter VF-1J. 

More to come.......

For My Regults I decided to use a more cartoon style paint job with heavier highlights and less color blending.

As a reminder from my previous post, I use GW products because I am used to them from my years doing 40k, and I have a mix of newer and older paints. Any color can be easily swapped for a similar color from a different brand. So on to the Tutorial.......

For some additional info here is a link to my previous Rick Hunter VF-1J tutorial and Destroids quick paint job.

1) Base: As with most of my minis I used a GW black primer.

2) Blue Mecha Body: I started with a base of GW Macragge Blue.

Next I I painted all the the body with the GW color Calgar Blue, leaving a bit of the previous layer showing at the valley between the top and middle portion of the body and along the booster pieces on the side.

I painted a band of GW Hoeth along the ridges, panel edges, and top edge.

I followed up with a small amount of GW Blue Horror on the same ridge and a few of the edges.

3) Dark Grey Sections: I painted the guns, foot pieces, and a few other locations with the GW paint Eshin Grey.

Next I painted a highlight of the GW paint Dawnstone on the edges and ridges, and on the guns I drew a line down the barrels to represent a cartoon style light reflection.

I placed a final highlight on the same locations and edges with he GW paint Administration Grey

4) Red Eye and Lights: Next I painted several laser target lights and misc. spots with a layer of GW paint Red Gore.

I followed up with a highlight of GW color Blood Red 

I followed up with a dab of the GW color Blazing Orange.

5) Light Grey Body Panels: Next I painted the remaking body panels with the GW color Ulthuan Grey. Because I didn't have a darker grey base I had to put a second coat in a few locations.

I followed up with a highlight of GW White Scar on the edges and ridges. In a few locations I went and painted some valleys with black.

Next I added some decals. As I mentioned in my previous post I put a small amount of Micro Set decal setting solution before I place the decal and then after letting it dry a bit I cover the decals with Micro Sol. The combination of the two products soften the decals so they conform to the surfaces, this is key when placing decals on curved surfaces.

Some Final Images:

I am happy that the Zentradi where so easy to paint, because I  have a ton to paint.

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  1. Diggin these! Keep up the posting =)

  2. INCREDIBLE! I am shaking with anticipation of my FLGS getting their stock. Thank you for posting this and your other guides.

  3. Very useful guide. It's sad that you did not do one for the repair drone though. In any case, thanks! We would have been very lost without your advice for paint colours.