Saturday, December 20, 2014

Escalation League

Greetings All,

Myself and a few other local RRT players in Pasadena/Los Angeles CA area are starting an escalation league. 

We will be playing at Game Empire Pasadena and anybody who is close enough to join up is welcome. The league will start Tuesday January 6th, in the evening.

I will be posting League info, rules, scenarios, FAQ and other items for league use to my blog for those signing up. For everybody else looking to start your own league, your welcome to take a look and maybe this stuff will help you start your own league.

So what is an Escalation League?

An escalation league is a league where the point value used in the league games gets larger every week or two.

How often will the League meet to play?

Our league will have an official game night every two weeks, on Tuesdays. Each bi-weekly Tuesday night they will receive the opponent they need to play before the next league night. Besides the scheduled opponent members are free to play more games and opponents in the league to receive bonus points.

How will games be scored?

Players will receive points for both winning and losing their scheduled match and will get one point for every additional game they play.

Will there be specific missions and/or scenarios?

Each scheduled game will have a specific scenario and rules for that week. This way during the course of the league players will experience most of the ways to play the game. Extra games can use any scenario.

Will there be prizes?

Each player will be expected to chip in $6 dollars and the top player(s) will get store credit at Game Empire Pasadena. Working on getting some additional prize support.

How will a winner be chosen?

Games will be reported to the blog and we will keep everybody's total. At the end there will be a playoff to determine the final standings.

Are there any perks for winning games that might?

During the play-offs each player will get a bonus in points for their army or extra command points for their last games equal to their total league score of wins/losses and extra games played.

So Tuesday the 6th at Game Empire Pasadena, if you are up for us sign up and come to play.
I will post League rules, weekly scenarios, and FAQ's to the site soon.


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