Monday, January 26, 2015

Escalation League Game 2: Week 3-4

Game 2 / Week 3-4
Greetings RRT gamers.

Our Escalation League in the Pasadena CA area at Game Empire Pasadena continues Tomorrow Tuesday the 27th 6:30. Come on by and get a game on. Not to Late to Join up and Play!!!!!!

Game 1: Tuesday the 13th

Dennis   5
Damion 5
Chuck   3
PJ          3

Game 2: Tuesday January 27th.


Dennis and his Zentraedi vs Damion and his Malcontents
Chuck and his Zentraedi vs Pj and his UEDF
New members will be paired off at Game Empire.

Points: 150 must have at least one Core Force Card
Scenario: Demolition (page 79).
Deployment: Face Off
Optional Special Rules: None
Results: due 2/8, results can be posted as a response to this post the first week, or on our Facebook page.

League Point Calculation:

Earning Points leading up to the Playoffs:
League Game each bi-week period Win = 5 points, Loss = 3 points.
You may earn 1 point per additional point level game played v/s different opponents.
All games to be reported as a comment/post to the bi-weekly blog post or to the Facebook page.

League Points as Bonus points during the Playoffs:

How to use your points:

During the Playoffs you may buy leadership tokens (1 point = 1 token) and/or additional forces for a playoff Game. Once points are spent they are removed from your point total.

Leadership tokens are used as Command points but can be used once and do not re-spawn.

Bonus points used for forces are added to your points used to buy additional points of forces or upgrades for a battle and can only be used once (one battle) however points can be broken up over multiple games.

League Opponent info and Standing Calculation

How are my opponents Chosen during the Season and the playoffs:

During the season the game 1 will be random. The following games will be determined by matching the players by swiss paring (also assuring that you have a different opponent for each game) so that you have different opponents but as much as possible similar point levels and/or win/loss records.

For the Playoffs you will be seeded in a best v/s worse bracket (ie #1 v/s #8)
Highest point winner(s) get the prizes.

How do you determine my Standing?

Total Points, ELO, W/L, Head to Head (This system rewards players for playing more games v/s more opponents as opposed to who has the luckiest winning streak)

League Rules/FAQ

As we play we will be putting together FAQ and errata as necessary to answer questions and play issues that may arise without an official PB FAQ/Errata. With that in mind we will be playing with the following ERRATA for league games.

1) Characters: All Characters are unique, only one of each named character in a game. No customer RPG characters will be used in the League.

2) Character Grell Ability: Grell does not provide the Malcontents with the ability to bring back Regult pods as reserves. When used in a Zentradi force Grell provides his ability to add Regults to Reserves no matter what mecha he is in but since his rules list putting pods in reserve and not bringign them out he can only bring pods from reserve if he pilots a Glaug.

3) Mecha providing cover: Mecha always provide cover to other mecha EXCEPT those in your own squadron as they never block LOS for members of the same squadron.

4) LOS: LOS will be measured to the Body/Hull of another Mecha instead of it's center.

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