Monday, September 29, 2014

Finished RRT Box Photos

Greetings All,

It took two weeks (with little sleep) but my first Robotech RPG Tactics box is built. Here are a few Picts and a few brief thoughts, sorry can't go into too much detail, it's time to start painting.

The Destroids went together faster than the Battloids. Fewer parts, less fuss. Can't wait to get my Battlecry so I can swap out the a Defenders for a pure Tomahawk squad. Suggestion and warning...the defender guns are tiny so be careful cutting them off the sprue.

Veritech Fighters also went together fast and easy, with slight fidgeting with the missile pods (tiny pieces), and they look good. Just make sure to take care when you put the bodies together as the nose of the plane comes as two halves. Use a small amount of plastic cement, enough to cover the surface but not enough so it dribbles out. Carefully cut off the excess glue with an exact-o and scrape minimally. You will have extra missiles, bombs, and heads. I used clear acrylic flight stands because I wanted Them to look more like they were flying and not models on my desk.


The Guardian has the same number of leg and arm pieces as the Battloid, and the wings and missiles of the fighter so probably the trickiest to put together. Again same nose issue as the fighter. There are two gun/arm options for each model so you will have extra, plus missiles and heads.

After putting together the forces of the RDF/UN Spacy the Zentradi where a breeze. The legs for the models are each one piece and only the Glaug and the support mechs have arms so simply fewer pieces to put together. The Recon pod has a bunch of tiny pieces that take a bit of care to get off the sprue, and more to clean up. I spent at least 20 minutes with my face to the floor looking for a tiny piece that I dropped. There are three Regult(s) per sprue and each pair of legs is slightly different so it is easy to get different dynamic poses with little effort. 

I'm looking forward to getting my Battlecry pledge so I can put together a full army on both sides. The starter box comes with enough minis to run about a 140-160 point game,  but not enough squads for the Zentradi to field a Standard game legal army. Luckily there is enough to play with the skirmish rules or using the introductory missions in the book.

Here is a pic of my gencon promo minis fully painted as a test scheme. More to come, painting, terrain, rules review, battle reports, etc..... 

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