Tuesday, September 2, 2014

PythnutD a Random Gamer

PythNutD here, for those coming across this blog an introduction. I'm a longtime RPG gamer, tabletop miniature wargamer, and lover of cool fantasy/sci-fi board games. I also fancy myself a pretty good painter of miniatures.

After taking a two year break from my Warhammer 40k hobby I have decided to get back into strategy war gaming and the painting if minis. So will this be another 40k blog? Not likely, I'm not a fan of all the new rules, and all GW's recent crapfest of changes. Maybe sometime in the future I'll get back in, but at the moment I'm excited about other games.

So what am I going to blog about? Well for the most part I'll be writing hobby and gaming articles about Robotech RPG Tactics and Demigod Rising, with some other completely random articles on various mini painting projects and board games.


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